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General Information

1. School Name

name: Archbishop Grammar School

location: Korunní 2/586, 120 00 Praha 2

ICO: 44 84 67 38

IZO: 600 004 791

legal form: school legal entity

account number: 304547021/0100

phone number: 224 251 877

fax: 224 252 224

email: gymnazium@arcig.cz

2. Founder

name: Prague Archbishopric

location: Hradčanské nám. 56/16, 119 02 Praha 1

3. School Administration

headteacher: Ing. Mgr. Richard Mašek

phone number: 224 251 877

email: masek@arcig.cz

statutary deputy headteacher: Mgr. Ondřej Mrzílek

phone number: 226 211 212

email: mrzilek@arcig.cz

4. Education program

(eight-year) grammar school - general, code 7941K/801

(eight-year) grammar school - general, code 7941K/81 Eight Liberal Arts

daily attendance

number of students: about 500 in 16 classes (2 parallel classes in each of the 8 years)

5. Brief School Characterization

Archbishop Grammar School is an eight-year church school providing mainly general education. The school founder is the Prague Archbishopric and the building is owned by the St. Francis' sisters.

The building dates from 1938. It has 6 floors and 2 basement levels. The St. Francis' sisters regularly contribute towards the costs of school reconstruction.

The school disposes of 16 classrooms for 16 classes and other schoolrooms, mainly specialized (the chemistry room, physics room, biology room, art room, music room, chemical laboratory, language room, well equipped multimedia room for 60 pupils, two computer rooms, etc. ). There is also a library and a collection of visual teaching aids at the school.

There is a great hall for 250 people in the basement, as well as a big and small gym, a room for ceramics-making with a furnace, and a music rehearsal room.

The small chapel on the second floor underwent reconstruction and the ceremony of sanctification took place in 2005.

The school is easy to get to - the underground station is right in front of the school building.

As Archbishop Grammar School provides mainly general education, languages, humanities and science are taught, enabling our graduates successful careers at all sorts of university studies

Every student has to learn at least two foreign languages and Latin. Almost every student wants to learn English and German (because of the possibility to get the German language diploma: Deutsches Sprachdiplom) but they can learn French and Spanish as well. Certified teachers work in our school and we manage exchanges and study stays.

In order to meet our students' interests the school provides about 30 elective subjects (so-called seminars) in the last three years of study.

Only the very general subjects are compulsory in the highest classes (for example languages and mathematics) and subjects supporting a deeper view of the world (basics of philosophy).

Archbishop Grammar School is not intended only for Catholics, it is open to any gifted person regardless of creed (which holds for students as well as teachers). Nevertheless, the school aims to guarantee a place for Christians, where their belief will be considered entirely natural (especially because of the offered spiritual activities). On the other hand: attendance at the school spiritual activities, such as masses or retreats, is not compulsory. The only one thing expected is tolerance.

Social events (like graduation balls, social evenings, auctions of students' works of art, choir concerts, school talent shows, graduation ceremonies), sport events (skiing and athletics courses and other trips) enrich the school life.

Archbishop Grammar School wants to

  • be a place cultivating education, character, creativity and responsibility
  • respect freedom of the individual
  • create conditions for spiritual growth and to offer Christianity as a way


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